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The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

Power of Champions

How The Power of Champions Came to Be 1
The Program 8
Phase I – Muscle Development (4 weeks) 11
Phase II – Balance and Coordination (4 weeks) 12
Phase III – Fat Burning 13
Introduction to Supportive Nutrition 24
The Attitude of Champions 27
Excellence – A Culmination of Tiny Steps by Jonathan Ross 31
Cultivating Consistency by Brian J. Johnston 34
Be Your Own “Fitness Coach” by Tony Rodriguez 38
Power! by Linda Cook 42
Achieving Success: The Step-Wise Approach by Charmas B. Lee 46
The Mind of a Champion 49
Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit by Michelle Hazlewood 53
The Science of Change – Mental Conditioning by Steven Cutler 57
Mental Conditioning - Self-Talk by Tony Books Avilez 61
Mind & Muscle Efficiency by Chad Cirafesi 64
The Body of a Champion 67
Understanding Metabolism by Daniel Houston 71
The Skeletal System and Exercise by Eric Anderson 74
A Concern for Muscle by Peter Piranio 77
Fat Loss Rather than a Focus on Pounds by Amy Powlison 80
Measuring Body Composition Effectively by Lisa Martin 84
Sizing Up Exercise: Training Different Body Types with Different Routines by Bryan K. Lanham 87
The Other Benefits of Exercise by Jason T. Hoffman 91
Train Like a Champion 95
Intensity & “Undertraining” by Jim Beatty 99
Injury Free Resistance Training by Erik Naclerio 103
The Two A’s of Exercise Success by Heath Gay 107
Always Finding a New Stimulus by Clint Phillips 110
Ab-solute Truth: Sit Ups Won’t Do It! by Todd Scott 114
Strength Training for Life by Mark Cibrario 118
Functional Training: Breaking the Bonds of Traditionalism by Juan Carlos Santana 121
Finding the Athlete Inside by David Thomas 124
Adventure Racing Training for the Weekend Warrior by Matt McKinnis 128
Off-Set Training by Carter Hays 131
The Routine that Worked Wonders by Stephen Holt 135
Periodization by Brian Schiff 139
The Heart of A Champion 143
Putting Your Heart into Your Exercise Program by Brett A. Pruitt 147
Strength Training and Blood Pressure: The Heart of the Matter by Wayne L. Westcott 150
Eat Like a Champion 155
The Right Nutrition by Jason Robertson 159
The Benefits of Frequent Eating by Billy Beck III 163
Burn Fat by Eating More! by Kelly Huggins 166
The Impact of Sugar by Maryellen Jordan 170
Simple Sugars vs. Complex Carbs by Brian Calkins 174
Strategies and Tips for Curing the Sugar-holic by Paul Ohashi 178
Hydration by Kevin Gendron 182
The Low Carb Myth by Brad Schoenfeld 186
Creatine? by John Spencer Ellis 189
Perform Like a Champion 193
Fitness Lessons for Optimal Golf… and for Optimal Living by Noel Lyons 197
Golf Conditioning by Gina M. Piazza 201
Tennis Fitness, Anyone? by Robert L. Selders, Jr 206
Champions Break Barriers! 209
My Aching Back by Katie Mital 213
Tips for Beginning/Overweight (Obese) Exercisers by Debi Lander 218
Too Old? by Douglas K. Carlyle 222
Time Efficient Workouts by Doug Jackson 225
Champion “Down Time” 229
Overtraining: Too Much of a Good Thing by Sandy Rusch 233
Rest and Recovery from Exercise by Jason Brice 237
The “She” Champion 241
The Student Was Ready . . . At 40! by Tracy Bloom 245
Fat Burning Secrets for Women by Kelli Calabrese 248
Toning by Karen Webster 252
Specialization for Women’s Issues by Angela Ursprung 255
Reducing and Shaping Your Hips and Thighs by Darrell Morris 259
Options for Champions 263
Is A Health Club Right For Me? by Joe Stankowski 267
Personal Training is “Personal” by Vickie Burnham 271

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