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The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

The Power of Champions is finally here! This long awaited book was co-written by America's top Personal Trainers. Each author was carefully selected by world renown Personal Trainer Phil Kaplan. The list of contributors reads like a who's-who of the fitness industry, including ACE Personal Trainer of the Year Stephen Holt of Baltimore, two time MetRx Personal Trainer of the Year Billy Beck of Ft Lauderdale, former Head Trainer of, Kelli Calabrese of New Jersey, legendary pioneer of Functional Training, Juan Carlos Santana of Boca Raton, noted researcher Dr. Wayne Westcott of Massachusetts, and Cincinnati's own Brian Calkins, who wrote a chapter that will help readers once and for all clarify and distinguish the difference between the "bad" carbs and the more supportive and much needed "good" carbs.

Understand Phil Kaplan's Mission

"As I began to survey the landscape, to really explore the field of trainers in search of the true cream of the crop, I was both dismayed and excited. I was dismayed by the lack of professionalism in a field built upon such a noble foundation as health and fitness, but as I came in contact with the true leaders, with the members of the ground army who were making a difference on a daily basis, I realized a true core of professionals exist. As the fitness-wanting public has embarked upon a fruitless search in quest of a vehicle for positive physical change, people are directed via the media to attempt to change with what I call ineffective technologies. While tummy reducers, fat-burning pills, and miracle diets battle for attention, and those who fall for their offerings are the unfortunate victims of the battle, I had identified a gold mine. Every one of the 55 fitness professionals I found to represent the The Power of Champions had an important message to share, a message founded in truth, and if 55 professional voices all band together to help people find the realities behind fitness, weight loss, and physical improvement, 'The Power,' these 'Champions' can deliver would help people cut through the fraud and deception to find true empowerment."

-Phil Kaplan, founder of The Power of Champions.


In a bizarre 21st century world where obesity dominates, fast food restaurants rule, infomercial marketers deceive, and fraudulent weight loss promises abound, there is need for clarity. There is need for a ground army spreading a contagiously positive message of truth. Professional Personal Fitness Trainers can serve as that ground army, but the field of trainers is fragmented. There are over 400 certification agencies and the industry hasn’t a single governing body to set mandates, requirements, or standards.

Fitness leader Phil Kaplan conceptualized The Power of Champions after coming to understand the massive marketing machine that allows unscrupulous product sellers to make money at the expense of those seeking health, fitness, and well being. Having conducted workshops for some of the top trainers in the world, he realized he could assemble those exceptional trainers who are committed to excellence to deliver the most honest and empowering fitness publication ever created. The Power of Champions is a first-of-its-kind compilation intended to serve as a beacon of light for the millions who seek control over their bodies, their metabolisms, and their lives.

Learn to:

  • Burn fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Tone & Shape muscle
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve daily function
  • Make better food choices
  • Stimulate ongoing fat release
  • Develop lean shapely muscle
  • And much more

A Few of the Chapter Headings:

  • The Science of Change: Mental Conditioning
  • Understanding Metabolism
  • Functional Training: Breaking the Bonds of Traditionalism
  • Finding the Athlete Inside
  • The Benefits of Frequent Eating
  • Simple Sugars vs. Complex Carbs
  • Time Efficient Workouts
  • Tips and Strategies for Curing the Sugar-holic
  • The Low Carb Myth
  • Fat Burning Secrets for Women

The co-authors include:

  • Dr. Wayne Westcott, the renowned researcher
  • Juan Carlos Santana, the functional training guru
  • Kelli Calabrese, fitness educator, trainer of thousands of trainers
  • Brian Calkins, NSCA-CPT, ACE, fitness presenter, educator and top fitness trainer
  • John Spencer Ellis, PhD, founder of Life Strategies Personal Coaching
  • Stephen Holt, ACE Personal Trainer of the Year 2003
  • Billy Beck III, PEAK Personal Trainer of the Year 2002

and 49 others . . . all experts, all passionate, all sharing the secrets they use to help their clients find everything they’re searching for. 

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