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The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

You want to gain control of your body.


What do you need?

The answer’s simple. You need The Power. The Power of Champions!

While infomercial producers clamor to construct the next 28-minute show structured to do nothing other than sell a product, while supplement sellers hire Madison Avenue advertising companies to push their wares under the guise of fitness solutions, and while America gets fatter and fatter, there is a group of individuals scattered throughout the world who are finding fitness and weight loss simple. What do these people have in common? They have the Power of Champions.

The “Champions” are 55 of the world’s most recognized and consistently effective Personal Fitness Trainers, fitness professionals proving their value on a daily basis. From Florida to New York, from Utah to Minnesota, the “Champions” share a common message, a common technology of change. This book features Cincinnati's leading fitness professional Brian Calkins!

In 2004, fitness expert and consumer advocate Phil Kaplan grew frustrated in watching the public continually victimized by product hype and misinformation related to diet and exercise. Kaplan insists that the primary reason the masses fail to find a positive payoff from their fitness and weight loss efforts is a recurring susceptibility to misinformation. After conducting a career development seminar for high level Personal Trainers, Kaplan recognized that there is in fact a ground army, a small troop of individuals who are making a dramatically positive difference in their own respective parts of the world sharing a consistent approach to physical improvement. Kaplan grew excited by the prospect of banding this army together to create an invaluable compilation of truths, a compilation of real world strategies people are using to effectively trade their bodies in for new ones. The book is titled, The Power of Champions.

The Power of Champions begins with a simple program, a program that can help anyone find ongoing physical improvement, and with each page the reader becomes more educated, more aware, more empowered to take complete and total control over the reflection that stares back from the other side of the mirror.

The Power of Champions is real. It’s honest. It’s transformational. It’s empowering. It’s everything you need to understand metabolism, fat loss, muscle development, and the ins and outs of reshaping any human being from head to toe.


The Power of Champions is slated for a 2005 release, however, a limited edition is being released in a hardbound version titled, The Power of Champions, Signature Series.


Don’t wait. Order your copy of The Power of Champions for only $24.99 now.


Order the Power of Champions for only $24.99

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