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 And Finally Lose Weight, Get in Shape & Feel Better Than Ever!


Thank you for your interest in Cincinnati, Ohio's fitness program endorsed by both fitness and medical experts.

Hundreds of Cincinnatians, from Every Imaginable Walk of Life, Have Found New Bodies, Improved Health and Enhanced Energy levels with The Complete Fitness Transformation program, endorsed by both medical and fitness experts. 

You are invited to learn the technology that was a "Best Kept Secret" of the fitness elite from around the country. Now, Brian Calkins shares it all through his small group program and at a significant savings! 

You'll learn how to eat more food as you watch body fat go away at a rate most people perceive as unbelievable. You'll come to completely understand metabolism, healthy eating, and result oriented exercise.  No more confusion!  Brian makes the path to fitness enhancement & weight loss success crystal clear!  Build muscle, tone up, burn fat, and develop a lean body that makes you look and feel great!


The Ultimate Program for Giving People Total Control Over Their Bodies and Their Lives.  Now It's Your Turn!


Begin a journey that will completely change your life!  It's as simple as employing subtle changes in the way you eat and exercise.  During a series of educational and exercise sessions, and along with Brian's system, he'll teach you, week by week, to boost metabolism, control the amount of lean muscle you hold, shape your physique, elevate endurance, and liberate and burn body fat, regardless of your age, sex, or physical condition.  

At the end of the 16 weeks, not only will you have gone through a very impressive change, but you'll know how to keep it going . . . for the rest of your life!

If you don't currently love the mirror, your health & energy levels, if you're ready to trade in the body that stares back at you from the other side of the glass for a new one, there's no better time than now.  There's no better program than Cincinnati's Complete Fitness Transformation!

Since its inception many others have scrambled to mimic Brian's program, but none have come close to the true health & fitness transformational power of the Complete Fitness Transformation!  


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This Life Changing Fitness Program is Now Available In Small Groups!

As you go through the Complete Fitness Transformation, you'll "meet" people like John De Stefano and understand in full detail how they made simple changes in the way they eat and exercise to turn their bodies into fat incinerators! (Click Here to Read John's Story on How He Lost Nearly Half His Body Weight). You'll come to understand precisely how to put your body in a state where metabolism becomes elevated, where fat is released at every moment throughout the day, and where your energy remains consistently at an all time high!  What amazes most people who seek weight loss when they begin the Complete Fitness Transformation is that they wind up eating more food than ever, and losing fat at a rate they perceive to be incredible!


"I finally got on a scale yesterday... primarily because all of my pants and belts no longer fit.  So... I was curious to see if my lean muscle weight gain had matched my fat weight loss.  Findings -- Net loss of over 10 pounds (after 6 weeks)!  I'm trying on pants I haven't worn in 15 years and they are fitting pretty good - a little out of style but hey, they fit!"

-John Nunan, Consultant & Runner



While the ads lead you to believe the "stars" have some secret, their bodies function just as yours does.  The science that works to shed fat and reveal lean muscle in the body of an athlete or movie star is the same exact science that will allow you to lose fat and uncover that lean, toned body that lies underneath.  "Toned" simply means you're getting rid of fat while holding on to muscle.  Man or woman, regardless of your present physical condition, The Complete Fitness Transformation will help you understand precisely how to reveal that physical masterpiece that's been waiting to come out!


"I need to tell you that I ran today on the treadmill for 16 minutes. That is the first time in my life I've been able to last that long. I almost cried last night...

Thanks for your great support. You are changing my world! I feel great, my clothes fit beautifully and I have a ton of energy but not only the physical, I feel fabulous inside. For the first time I am believing that I really can accomplish anything. Okay, sorry, I'm a little passionate today but I just feel like a million bucks!"

-Madonna Kohnen, PHC Group, Inc.


The quest for health & fitness drives people from every age group into health food stores in hopes of finding supplements that will cure disease or alleviate ailments.  The human body is amazingly equipped to maintain health.  The skeletal system, muscular system, limbic system, immune system, nervous system, etc. are all interrelated.  When you learn to put premium fuel into the body (meaning optimal food choices) and stimulate enhanced function of metabolic function by providing a well structured exercise stimulus, the improvements in health and well being can be shocking.  It's not just about "the outside" of the body, but the Complete Fitness Transformation teaches you to "re-shape" the body from the inside out.  You are developing new cells every moment of every day.  With the science CFT delivers, you will be best equipped to make those new healthy cells prepared for top performance!


Hey Brian,

"I made it through my aerobic session, yes of course that was in my THZ! I am surprised to say it was so much easier than I thought it would be, the first 15 minutes were tough, but I could have gone longer. Your program has been really awesome for me so far, I truly can not imagine what my results will be when the 16 weeks are finished (after only 7 weeks), I have worked out for a long time and have never had this great of results. I really feel like I look pretty good, which is something you would seldom hear me say about myself. THANKS !!!!!"

Julie Hogan, Mother of 2 Young Children



If you're ready to get started on the most rewarding, life-changing 16-Week journey of your life, go to the Complete Fitness Transformation page and read about the entire program


 "I want to scream it from the mountain tops!!  Brian Calkins is the greatest trainer in the world!!! 

I am wearing a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 2 years!!! And I am not squished into them.  They really fit!!! 

I am a true believer!!! Thank you so much."

-Sue Burrows, Cincinnati, OH 


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To Start Your Own Complete Fitness Transformation Journey, Please call 513-325-0886 or simply click here to read more about the program that's changing the lives of hundreds of people in the Tri-State area.



2006 Personal Trainer of the Year Says...

"Brian is a trainer that understands more than exercise - he understands how to make exercise a part of your life.  He cares not just about making the most effective exercise program, he cares about making a program that works for your goals and works to make you better in every other area of life.  When you are more fit, you are a better worker, spouse, friend, parent - a better person overall.  Brian also is keenly aware of the fact that you have many responsibilities and interests outside of your exercise program that place demands on you.  He helps you find the right amount of exercise for the time you have so you can maximize your fitness efforts for maximum results without having workouts take over your life.  He cares about your workout program, but more importantly, he cares how well it fits your life. 

If I lived in Cincinnati, Brian would be my trainer!"

-Jonathan Ross - Washington, DC - 2006 Personal Trainer of the Year, American Council on Exercise - www.aionfitness.com


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Dear Brian,

"Just a note to say thank you.  Now that our 16 weeks are officially over I wanted you to know that as of yesterday I have lost 27 pounds!  That is great for me.  I haven't been able to stick to the exercise 100% the last week or so but I haven't deviated from the way of eating so I think that is what is really helping. I leave for Hilton Head next Sunday and that scares me a little but my plan is to come back and get right back into it.   

Thank you again for being so nice and helping me.  It was a great experience for me to prove that I can really still loose this weight even though I'm old! 

Good luck to you and your son in college and also to you and your wife and your new little one on the way."

 -Toni Brezinski, Monroe OH



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