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The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions

The New Groundbreaking Book: The Power of Champions



Brian Calkins, President, HealthStyle Fitness, Inc.

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Cincinnatian to Take on America . . .The 1,000,000 Pound Promise 

March 14, 2005, Cincinnati, Ohio - While the battle rages between low-fat and low-carb, and Americans fail to find clarity or a solution to their weight loss woes, there is a force helping 100% of the people they touch find positive physical change.  The force is made up of a small army of the world’s most acclaimed Personal Fitness Trainers, and this force of 55 is now available in the form of a groundbreaking book, The Power of Champions

The intention of the book release, according to one of the authors, Brian Calkins, from Cincinnati, Ohio is to help Americans see through all of the fraud and deception and zero in on the guaranteed path to fitness and fat loss. Calkins says, “it’s time that people learn the truth about what works for long-term, permanent, healthful weight reduction. Well intentioned people are failing to get the results they seek and it’s only because they are being mislead by unscrupulous marketers of ineffective products.” 

The Power of Champions will be aggressively promoted by all 55 co-authors, each determined to create unprecedented awareness in his or her own region.  With weight loss being the primary goal, and the weight loss solution up until now being muddled by fraudulent product offerings, Phil Kaplan, the editor of The Power of Champions promises, “with distribution not only via conventional avenues but also through the health clubs and fitness centers our Champions have access to, we promise this first-of-its-kind publication will en masse result in Americans losing over one million pounds of fat!” 

As Champion Calkins states in his chapter, ‘Simple Sugars -vs.– Complex Carbs,’ “Many people seeking a positive health & fitness change are very confused - and many of the popular weight-loss solutions seem to do all they can to cloud the waters even further.” The Power of Champions isa first-of-its kind compilation, a groundbreaking book that promises to start America’s fitness level on an upswing.” 

Mr. Calkins decided to get involved in this ambitious project when a client developed a very painful kidney stone as a result of the Atkins Diet.  The determination to deliver “the truth” was further fueled when clients would repeatedly report being lured and victimized by nonsensical infomercials such as 6 Second Abs, The Hollywood Juice Diet and Cortislim just to name a few.”   

Brian is now doing television, radio, and periodical interviews to spread the vital Fitness Truth. 


To book Mr. Calkins or any of the Champions for an interview, contact Debbie Hickey at 561-422-0051 or or Brian Calkins @ 513-325-0886 or .

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