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Kelli Calabrese is a renowned fitness expert, business owner, international presenter, author, spokesperson, editor and mother of two preschoolers. Her passion for fitness began when Calabrese joined her first group fitness class at the age of thirteen.

The knowledge that she came from a family prone to heart disease and cancer drove Calabrese, at a young age, to make health and fitness a top priority in her life. After attaining her first fitness certification at the age of seventeen, she made the decision to reach out to others to help them to make fitness a part of their lives.

At the age of 22 Kelli had completed 3 Science degrees including an Associates in Biology, a Bachelors with High Honors in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Science. Since 1987, Kelli has also acquired twenty fitness and nutrition-related certifications allowing her to prescribe exercise programs for healthy adults as well as children, athletes and those with special needs and health conditions. She is certified to instruct kick boxing, SPIN, Pilates, PACE, strength training and more.

Calabrese's fitness career began in a local health club in New Jersey where she worked her way from fitness trainer and aerobic instructor, to personal trainer, director, club manager, and partner of a four-club chain. Some of her corporate fitness clients included Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Beneficial Insurance, Nabisco, Gill St. Bernards School, and The Pingry School.

Seeing a need for more qualified fitness professionals, Calabrese then opened the first school for preparing candidates for the American Council on Exercise's Personal Training exams. In 9 years, her school prepared over 3,000 students with a 90% passing rate, to become Group Fitness Instructors, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultants, Clinical Exercise Specialists, and Personal Trainers.

From 2000 - 2003 Kelli was the Lead Fitness Expert for; the leading weight loss destination, and was the lead expert responsible for the launch of

Calabrese is the co-author of "Feminine, Firm, and Fit", a twelve-week fitness makeover program for women. She has been spoken internationally on fitness-related topics, and is published in hundreds of magazines and professional journals. She is the editor of “Personal Fitness Professional” and “Wellness and Fitness Entrepreneur” magazines. For the book "The Power of Champions", Calabrese assisted in hand picking fifty four of the world's top trainers and invited them each to contribute a chapter to the book.

To deliver the fitness and weight loss message to more people, Calabrese decided her consulting company would focus on reaching people online and through magazines, TV, radio, audio programs, books and live seminars. Through her website, Calabrese was able to combine her passion for helping others with her quest to train professionals.

She serves on the Board of Directors for the Personal Trainer Business Alliance and is an Expert Fellow and Advisor for the National Board of Fitness Examiners. She is a Fitness Expert for and Family Energy Magazine. Kelli is the 2004 Personal Trainer of the Year for Online Trainer and is the Lead Exercise Physiologist and Advisor to NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Training Association). Calabrese is a former spokesperson for The American Council on Exercise.

Kelli’s personal mission is to provide individuals with the tools to make health and fitness a permanent part of their lives through teaching methods to improve behaviors, make wholesome and nutritious food choices, incorporate a regular commitment to exercise and to practice recovery.


  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant - Gold
  • ACE Personal Trainer - Gold
  • ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist – Gold
  • ACE Practical Trainer
  • AFAA Mat Science - Pilates Style
  • AFAA Wave Workout
  • AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research – Health Promotion Director
  • Healthy Kids Catalog Advisor
  • ISCA Promise Enterprise Kickboxing Instructor
  • North American Association of Health & Fitness Professionals - Post Rehab. Tech.
  • NAAHFP - Medical Exercise Specialist
  • Nautilus Strength Trainer
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Madd Dog Athletics SPIN® Instructor - Level 3 (expired)
  • Reebok Pilates Core Board
  • Resist-A-Ball – C.O.R.E Certification
  • Red Cross Community First Aid and CPR
  • Weight Management Consultants Nutrition Specialist

Available to write or speak on the following topics
(this is not inclusive)

- A Health Plan to Match Your Life Span
- Truths and Myths of Dieting
- Truths and Myths of Exercise
- Careers in Fitness
- Unique Abdominal Exercises
- 30 Minute Workouts
- Workout for Your Body Type
- 10 Things Every Fit Guy Must Have
- Exercising when Sick
- 5 Reasons You're still Fat
- Truths and Myths on Fat Burning
- What you need to know about Joining a Gym
- Mind Muscle Connection
- Muscle Building
- The Role of Exercise in Fat Loss
- Sets, Reps and Weight
- Stretching for Success
- When to See a Doctor
- Yoga for Weight Loss
- Answers to your Most pressing questions on Abdominal Training
- Get a Jump Start on Your New Years Resolutions

- Food Labels Uncovered
- Fast Heart Healthy Exercises
- 30 Minutes to Combat Stress
- Body Builder Buzz Words
- Exercise - The Best Endorphin Rush
- Exercising after a c-section
- Fat Burning with Strength Training
- Finding Time for Fitness
- Genetics and Athletes
- How Much Exercise Do you Need?
- Recovering From Your Workouts
- Exercise Safety
- Shin Splints
- SPIN for Fat Burning
- Working the Core with a Fit Ball