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Do You Know What Your Body's Age Is?

CINCINNATI, Ohio – “You’re as young as you feel,” the saying goes. But, did you know that your body can age faster than your chronological age?

“If you’re physically inactive, there is a good chance your body is older than your chronological age, which explain why you’re feeling older than you are,” Brian Calkins, president and Certified Personal Trainer of HealthStyle Fitness, Inc., said.

Research collected from the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association shows that regular exercise can slow several key aspects of aging — such as loss of muscle and bone — to help boost your fitness levels at any age and turn back the aging clock. The problem is many fitness programs are short-lived and lack a fitness goal or plan.

To counter this, HealthStyle Fitness, one of Cincinnati's fastest growing personal training companies, is now providing a new, state-of-the-art fitness technology called BodyAge (made by Polar) to help people fully understand what they need to do to improve their health & fitness.

The assessment takes about 30 minutes. Brian starts by taking specific personal information, such as age and height and then he walks you through a series of fitness assessments to test your body’s strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and composition. The information and measurements are then entered into the BodyAge computer which produces a personal report of your current body age and a recommended obtainable body age, fitness areas to improve, and your own specific fitness program to help you achieve your body age goals.

The tests, developed by Polar USA’s Exercise Physiologists, inventors of the wireless heart rate monitor, are based on fitness assessment programs and research collected from the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

In a recent study conducted by Polar USA of 100 individuals following the BodyAge program, participants showed an average age reduction of 3.4 years and a body fat reduction of 10 percent in just 100 days (including those who initially signed up for the BodyAge program, but didn’t follow or complete the program).

For more information on the BodyAge Fitness Assessment Program, click here or call 513-325-0886.