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How Does the Polar BodyAge System Work?

The Polar BodyAgeTM System is a highly intelligent computerized system that encompasses a wide range of operations. The system collects physical data from a person, determines achievable fitness levels and develops a tailor made fitness and nutrition plan for that individual.

What is the assessment?

The body assessment is the first step. The system first collects the following info from the individual:

  • Interactive Blood Pressure
  • Interactive Modified Sit & Reach Test
  • Interactive Body Composition Assessments
  • Interactive Biceps Strength Test
  • Interactive Body Weight
  • VO2 Analysis (Cardiovascular)
  • Hip-to Waist Ratio/Body Mass Index
  • Interactive Health Risk Appraisals Assessments
  • Using this information, the computer calculates a person's BodyAge. Based on this and additional data, the computer also calculates the person's obtainable body age - or, in other words, the maximum amount of years one can decrease from their body age. At this point, your HealthStyle Fitness personal trainer generates a specific workout and nutrition plan that will bring you closer to your optimal health & fitness and optimal body age.


    Cincinnati's HealthStyle Fitness is proud to be the ONLY Fitness Solution in Cincinnati to be using the state-of-the-art

    Polar Body Age System!

    The Polar BodyAge System is more than a fitness assessment. It’s a whole new way of letting you know how healthy you could be.

    The BodyAge analysis is an exclusive health & fitness assessment developed by Polar to quickly and simply provide you with a baseline measurement of your overall health and fitness level. The BodyAge assessment takes into account a number of health and fitness markers including strength, flexibility, percentage of body fat, nutrition, cardiovascular fitness and more to calculate the fitness of their body.

    The system provides BodyAge score and a complete fitness program to reach your Youngest Obtainable BodyAge score. To have your body age assessed, please click here for details!