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Our Training Combines:

Weight TrainingOur programs concentrates on teaching high school and college athletes proper use of free weight equipment. The use of dumbbells and barbells will provide the basis for strength development.

Cardiovascular Conditioning Various functional cardiovascular drills will be employed for optimal training efficiency & results. These are the same drills used by the top athletes with whom we work.

Functional Training All the strength in the world is of little value if one can't use it. Our programs incorporate Functional Training to develop Functional Strength — STRENGTH THAT TRANSLATES INTO A BETTER ATHLETE ON THE FIELD!

Other Training A variety of balance drills, sport specific drills add incredible upper body, lower body and core strength & flexibility.


What is Functional Training?

The hottest phrase in the fitness and conditioning field is ‘functional training’ (FT). FT is a buzzword that everyone uses, but few understand.

FT would train the body, or body area, for the movement for which it is intended, or “exercise that trains a normal or characteristic action.” FT is not a new concept, it has been around since the beginning of time. If one wants to get better and stronger at an activity, one would instinctively rehearse the activity, or at least parts of that activity.

In sports, the best functional training for a particular sport is that sport! Although this is an oversimplification of the concept of functional training, it is its essence.

“FT trains movements, not body parts!” FT is a return to what is natural and effective. It integrates the best of all training methodologies in a simple, safe and fun manner. Go for function and you will never go wrong!

- Juan Carlos Santana

Train Hard. Train Smart - Always in Control. Safety is of Paramount Importance. Always Look to Make Improvement.

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