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The Polar BodyAge™ Health & Fitness Medical Analysis

Polar BodyAge™Assessment

BodyAge™ is an exclusive Polar feature and only available in Cincinnati at HealthStyle Fitness. The computer analysis is an innovative & motivational tool that measures fitness levels in a way everyone can quickly understand. For example, if someone is 35 but their BodyAge is 45, the result is a powerful motivator that leads the person to work to improve his or her overall fitness level.

BodyAge is calculated from the results of an assessment done by the Polar TriFIT health management software. The computer then produces a personalized medical report from which your HealthStyle Fitness personal trainer will customized your exercise and nutrition program for maximal results in the minimum amount of time.

Polar BodyAge™ Assessment Includes:

  • Interactive Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate
  • Interactive Modified Sit & Reach Test (Flexibility)
  • Interactive Body Composition Assessments (Body Fat Percentage)
  • Interactive Strength Test
  • Interactive Body Weight
  • VO2Max Analysis (Cardiovascular Fitness)
  • Interactive Health Risk Appraisal Assessment
  • Nutrition Profile
  • Using this data from your assessments, the computer calculates your BodyAge. Based on your benchmark the computer then calculates an obtainable body age - or, in other words, the maximum amount of years one can decrease from their body age. That's when your HealthStyle Fitness trainer takes over to create your results specific personal fitness plan.

    Cincinnati's HealthStyle Fitness is excited to offer the state-of-the-art Polar BodyAge System to fellow Cincinnatians!

    The Polar BodyAge System is more than a fitness assessment. It’s a whole new way of letting you know how healthy you could be.

    Polar BodyAge™ Assessment - $120 (Included for all Total Fitness Makeover Participants).

    To register for the BodyAge Fitness Assessment, call Brian directly @ 513-407-4665.