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Your Future Vision - Keeping Yourself Motivated Even When You Don't Want To!!!

It's easy to do stick with your food and exercise when it's new and exciting!! Then come the plateaus, challenges, lapses and set backs. You find your self losing motivation as the reasons you first began your program fade from your memory. That's the purpose of this little "mental exercise", to keep your "why's" fresh and in the forefront  of your mind on a daily basis as you learn to develop the healthy habits that will have you living in the body of your dreams. If your "why's are strong enough, you will always find the "how"!!!

Print out this page and answer the following questions. Then look at your answers every day (ideally in the morning just after waking) and anytime you face the challenges that are keeping you from the body of your dreams. I also recommend that you find a picture of yourself that represents a time when you felt this way in your life. Conversely you can use a "before" picture to represent all that is keeping you from feeling these wonderful feelings.

What are the benefits that you anticipate with the achievement of your fitness goals?





What activities will you really enjoy participating in?





What Types of clothes will be wearing?





How will you look and feel?





Where will you feel more comfortable/confident?





What are you looking forward to most?





How will living with your new, healthy, trim energetic body make you feel about yourself?