The Polar FS-1 Heart Rate Monitor


In order to achieve optimal results, an exerciser MUST monitor their intensity of cardiovascular training. I find that most people, due to lack of guidance or instruction, do not monitor their intensity when elevating their heart rate through training. To improve your health, fitness & body, you absolutely must have a way of determining how hard you are exercising. And by far the easiest and most accurate way to monitor one’s cardiovascular intensity level is through the use of a heart rate monitor.

It used to be that heart rate monitors were very expensive. My very first one cost over $300. Today you can get one as accurate as a hospital EKG monitoring system for as little as $60. And the Polar FS-1 is the easiest, most accurate HRM to use.

The Polar F1 has been a staple of the basic Heart Rate Monitors for years. Free of all unnecessary features, its loyal users have loved the Polar F1 because it’s easy to use and gets the job done. Lovers of the Polar F1 will be dismayed at first to learn that their beloved Polar F1 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It has been replaced by the Polar FS1. You’ll be pleased to hear that the Polar FS1 is even better than its precedent at “just getting the job done”.

The Polar FS1: an Improvement on the Trusty Polar F1

The Polar F1 was a plain grey Heart Rate Monitor whose only two functions were Heart Rate and a Stopwatch. While the Polar FS1 has the same functions, it also provides time of day. This gives the user the option of wearing the watch all day long. Although some may consider the watch inappropriate for dressy functions, the Polar FS1 looks great with casual outfits, and is now functional with them.

A lot of people who use Heart Rate Monitors need them for reasons other than exercising; a lot of Heart Monitor users are Cardiac patients whose Physicians have advised them to monitor their heart rates throughout their day. It just doesn’t make sense for those people to need to wear two things on their wrists – a watch and a Heart Rate Monitor. The Polar FS1 doubles as both.

The Polar FS1's Unisex Design

When designing the new Polar FS1, Polar took into account that simple Heart Monitors are used by both men and women. Thus the Polar FS1 is smaller than the F1 and comes in dark blue. The Polar FS1 is a fit for both a woman’s and a man’s wrist.

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