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Polar BodyAge™ Challenge Program Overview

The Polar BodyAge™ Challenge is an exciting new lifestyle makeover program in which select clients of Brian Calkins use Polar heart rate monitors (HRMs) with a personalized, targeted exercise and nutrition program to help them work toward their ultimate fitness goals. 

 Each Polar BodyAge™ Challenge member will receive: (valued at over $1,000)


  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor (Polar M61™)
  • Personalized instruction on using the HRM
  • Trainer consultations and an individualized workout plan from Brian Calkins, a top local fitness expert
  • Dietary consultation from a local certified nutritionist
  • BodyAge Tests (beginning, middle, and end of program).
  • For three months, program participants will aim to turn back the clock on “father time” as they explore ways to reduce their BodyAge, a measurement of biological age versus chronological age.  Every two weeks participants will be given new fitness goals and tips on how to adjust their lifestyle based on fitness, nutrition, and overall health.  Local fitness expert Brian Calkins, owner of HealthStyle Fitness, Inc., will track their progress. 

    During the week of September 6th, WKRC-TV staff and members of HealthStyle Fitness Inc., will undergo extensive interviews with Brian to determine their fitness goals. In addition, each participant will consult with our lead nutritionist to determine appropriate dietary needs to match his or her lifestyle and fitness goals. 

    During the week prior to the start of program, each of Polar BodyAge™ Challenge participants will get a fitness evaluation that features the Polar BodyAge™ System.  A report will be generated that will provide data such as Body Mass Index, relative BodyAge, as well as customized fitness and dietary recommendations. Our lead trainer will adjust each participant’s fitness plan based on the results of the BodyAge analysis.  Brian will then work with the participant to fine-tune his or her personalized workout program.  At this meeting, the participants will each receive a copy of their workout regimen and be ready to start exercising the following week (September 13, 2004).   

    Over the 12 weeks of the program, participants will stick to their designated programs (a typical program consists of three one-hour workouts per week). Throughout the program, participants will be in contact with Brian via e-mail or phone so their progress can be tracked and their plans adjusted as new goals are reached.  Participants will also regularly submit a short bi-weekly journal entry detailing their experiences with the program.  

    During the course of the Challenge, Brian will work, hands-on, with the participants each week to educate & empower them on the next phase of the program. 

    During the final week of the program (end of November), Polar BodyAge™ Challenge members will take a final BodyAge™ evaluation for comparison to their initial baseline reading.  In addition, they will meet with their lead trainer to discuss their progress and gauge their results (e.g. weight loss; increased aerobic endurance; etc.).


    Viewers can track the progress of the Polar BodyAge™ Challenge participants online at  They can also take their own self-guided BodyAge test, available via the Polar website.


    Each participant will be interviewed by WKRC - Channel 12 and have segments aired on Good Morning Cincinnati. The program will be hosted by Liz Bonis, health reporter for WKRC.