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About Phil Kaplan - America's Most In-Demand Fitness Expert


Phil began his fitness career back in the late 1970's with a part-time fitness instructor position at Jack La Lanne Health Spas in Little Neck, New York. He never dreamed that a decade later he'd be referred to as the most in-demand fitness professional in the world.

Phil has always been driven by passion and as he worked his way through the ranks of the business end of the health club industry, he felt as if he was moving away from his passion. Helping people get fit. That passion drove him to resign from an executive position with Scandinavian Health Spas (a part of the Bally's Group) to begin his own Personal Fitness training company. He maintained his relationships in the health club field with speaking engagements and consulting projects, but simultaneously grew into the public eye by educating thousands through TV and radio appearances. His books, Mind & Muscle, Transform, and EAT, Supportive Nutrition for the Body You Love have all received acclaim from the icons and legends of the fitness industry and they continue to bring new bodies to thousands worldwide. Rather than resting on his achievements, he continues to put forth a wealth of information and his newer releases, The 17-Day ANSWER! program, The Best You've Ever Been, and The Power of Champions have already been credited with tens of thousands of physical transformations.

With a thirst for knowledge and a driven desire to spread the fitness truth, Phil was drawn into a personal battle against fitness fraud. He's gone to great lengths to protect that trait which he feels has best served him, his integrity. His battles against the infomercial industry are legendary and his personal experiences have all empowered him to master even the most elusive fitness truths. His weekly syndicated radio show and sold out seminars continue to transform bodies and lives, and with this Fitness Truth website, an adjunct to the site, Phil Kaplan continues spreading the word as his passion reaches thousands from every imaginable walk of life.

He typically conduct seminars in 26 cities annually always making sure there's one scheduled in his home region, South Florida, and his Breakthroughs Seminar has attracted well over 50,000 people. He offers all of his products and programs with an unconditional money back guarantee of satisfaction as he encourages people to be skeptical and apprehensive. After two decades as a fitness professional, after having over 500 articles published, and after receiving scores of accolades and awards for success, integrity, and empowerment, it's fair to say Phil has stood the test of time, and in his words, "you haven't seen anything yet!"

Note: Phil also maintains a commitment to help fitness professionals establish Professional careers. He writes regularly for many publications including Muscle & Fitness and Personal Fitness Professional and his revered book for the fitness trade, Personal Training Profits and a Secure Fitness Future regularly receives rave reviews.