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July 13, 2006

Dear Friend,

Wow, it seems like FOREVER since I sent my last newsletter! I've been so busy lately with some really exciting personal and business changes.

For starters, and most importantly for me, my wife Carolyn is pregnant - In fact we're less than 12 weeks away from the delivery of our baby girl! We're are so excited and boy is my life going to be different soon!

Here at the studio we've hired another trainer - Tina Meinhardt, as well as a wonderful assistant to take some of the extra stuff off my plate so I can do more of the things I love - like writing this newsletter - and of course - playing with my baby girl when she arrives!

Okay, let's get to the newsletter. Today, I'd like to share 2 outstanding articles with you. You may have seen the first one in the June 26, 2006 issue of US NEWS and WORLD REPORT entitled, No More Excuses! This is a must read! Although there is no magic pill for a long and healthy life, this article documents how exercise comes darned close.

The second article that I thought would be of great value to you is called, Your Summer Memories...and Mine, written by my friend Jonathan Ross. You may already know Jonathan - he's been featured in many fitness magazines and was runner up for Personal Trainer of the Year. You'll absolutely love his approach to fitness as he shows you how simple it is to incorporate exercise into your life...just act like a kid!

So, here we go...

No More Excuses!

When it comes to exercise, everybody's got an excuse. Or 10. "I had a list," says Farai Chideya, a 36-year-old Los Angeles journalist who recently began lifting weights and taking dance classes. "I'm too busy. Maybe I'll hurt myself. Shouldn't I be out meeting new people instead?"

Despite the well-documented health benefits of exercise, fewer than half of adults in the United States get the minimum amount necessary for those rewards: 30 minutes of aerobic activity, most days a week. A quarter of Americans are sedentary. And the older people get, the less likely they are to exercise. That's a lot of people with a lot of excuses. And yet few of them are valid, say experts. There are just not that many people who truly can't exercise. The next few pages offer a field guide to overcoming inertia. Be honest. Your favorite excuse is probably among them.

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Your Summer Memories...and Mine

I was tired, sweaty, a little bit dirty, and loving every minute of it. At a cookout I went to last summer, the hosts had rented a moon bounce. After spending a few minutes on polite greetings and introductions to other guests, I kicked off my shoes and climbed excitedly into the moon bounce. There were a number of kids already inside. Upon my entry, they all froze. One kid said, “you’re big.” And then we all commenced jumping around together relentlessly, just a bunch of kids having fun.

Once I exhausted myself, I was sitting in a corner of the moon bounce. As I looked back on the adults, I was struck by the fact that, except for two who were tossing a football back and forth, all of them were sitting, eating, and drinking. And they had been for a while. It was disappointing to see the adults sitting and talking when they had free access to a moon bounce! I hadn’t been in one for many years and I was relishing the opportunity.

Think back to a summer when you were young. Conjure up a memory of a time when you didn’t think about exercise. You would ride your bike, jump on a trampoline, jump rope, played baseball, and when it got too hot, a few of you may have been in your own private, air conditioned concert hall (your bedroom) singing and dancing your favorite songs in front of millions of your adoring imaginary fans. There was a certain unbridled energy and spirit to your activities. You would just go until you couldn’t go anymore or until it got dark, and then you would still try to go some more.

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Thank You!!

It is a true pleasure for me to work with you as a client. A couple of weeks ago I sent out a letter sharing my appreciation to you for being a significant part of my life!

Below is a link to that letter since a few have come back with some clients addresses having changed.

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To Your Optimal Health & Fitness!

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