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New Personal Training Center Opens In Cincinnati

July 1st, 2005 CINCINNATI, Ohio

With our nation's obesity and obesity-related disease on the rise, getting back into shape and improving your health may be a little easier for Cincinnati residents. In an effort to help more people reach their fitness goals this year, a local fitness professional is pleased to announce the grand opening of a new personal training studio--called HealthStyle Fitness, located at 6200 Montgomery Road, in Pleasant Ridge.

Unlike most gyms, which have membership fees, long waits for exercise equipment, and few instructors available to teach members how to most effectively get in shape, HealthStyle Fitness provides personal one-on-one & small group training that emphasizes education.

"I find that most people do not need a trainer standing over top of them counting to 15 repetitions," president of HealthStyle Fitness, Brian Calkins says. "We believe what clients need most is the right information, explained in easy to understand language. We prefer to teach and empower our clients."

With a clientele ranging in age from 14 to 76, there are a variety of physical goals and motivations. Calkins says area doctors often refer patients with blood pressure, cholesterol and weight concerns to him. One client recently reduced his weight from 300 pounds to 167 over a 2 year period of applying the training concepts he learned at HealthStyle Fitness.

In addition to specializing in weight loss, HealthStyle Fitness teaches functional training methods, which means replicating how the body naturally moves in daily life,  focusing on strengthening the core for improving function & balance.

To prepare for the opening of the new fitness studio, Mr. Calkins recently hired Ashley Kinker, an Exercise Science graduate from Miami University. "Ashley is an up and coming fitness professional and continues to impress me with her knowledge of the sciences we apply in our field, as well as her skills in working with clients."


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For additional information about HealthStyle Fitness, please visit or call 513-325-0886.

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