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Grocery Shopping Tour


Attention Cincinnati Shoppers Who Want a Healthy and Fit Body


"Grocery Shopping Tours with Alicia Stops Your Food Shopping Confusion and Steers You Clear of all the Mis-Information!


Does your head spin trying to figure out food labels like no carb, low carb and net carb? Are you confused by claims like no sugar added, light, low and fewer? Does your tongue get twisted trying to pronounce food label ingredients? Are you confused by marketing gimmicks like "Heart Healthy" and "Fat Free"?

HealthStyle Fitness knows just how confusing and frustrating it is for people to make healthy choices at the grocery store. And they understand how vital it is for you to learn how to choose correctly...because what you and your family eat accounts for up to 90% of the "battle of the bulge!" Exercise is critical, but your diet determines your ability to lose weight, get fit and be healthy.

That's precisely why HealthStyle Fitness now offers Grocery Shopping Tours for our fellow Cincinnatians.

Join your fellow shoppers at the Hyde Park Kroger to discover:

  • How to quickly and easily make the most healthful and delicious choices for you and your family.
  • How to put together healthy meals and snacks in a snap!
  • How to know what low fat, light, less, lower and other food labels really mean
  • What's better: butter or margarine, frozen or fresh, low fat or low carb? (The answers will surprise you.)
  • How to finally stop dieting and make healthful eating a natural part of your life!

Selecting foods for you and your family will become an enjoyable and understandable process, not a confusing chore! Registration for this exclusive Grocery Shopping Tour with Alicia is limited to the first 10 people. $20 pre-registration, $30 at the door (special $10 for Adventure Boot Camp participants). Allow Alicia to take you through the maze, clear up the confusion and walk you through supportive nutrition as outlined in the Foundational Nutrition Workshop.


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