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The Foundational Workshop

Clearing Up the Myths, Sharing the Realities & Empowering You for Success

Discover How You Can Finally Get In Shape, Look Great + Dramatically Improve Your Health, Energy & Vitality!

What Will You Learn?

The 3 Important Steps that must be in place to Take Complete Control over Your Body

How You Can Virtually Re-Create Your Health, Energy & Vitality through Eating the Right Foods

The Real Story About What Happens When You Go on The Most Popular Diets

3 prerequisites to Achieving Your Health, Fitness and Weight Management Goals

The Inside Truth behind those Fitness Gizmos & Gadgets

How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

How Simple and Effective Eating will Become Once You Understand The Realities Behind the Food We Eat

The Action Plan That Will Lead You to Your Healthiest Body Ever

And So Much More...


Why This Workshop?

This workshop delivers something real. Brian will not tell you that you will see miraculous results in 2 weeks. He wont tell you that all you have to do is take a magic pill or 2 tablespoons of some liquid miracle solution. What Brian shares is real. It shatters the hype and delivers the truth about taking complete and total control over your physical body, health, energy and vitality.


Who Is This Workshop For?

It's for everyone seeking positive physical change. You'll find younger people sitting next to seniors, you'll find fitness enthusiasts sitting next to those considering cosmetic surgery, and you'll find people on a 11/2-hour journey toward becoming enthused, energized, and completely inspired to reach their health & fitness best.


How Much?

The Foundational workshop is $49 and comes with a step by step manual that you'll use as a continual reference...but more importantly it's an investment in improving your health, energy, and your ability to lose body fat safely and effectively. (Note: The workshop is included at no cost for all Adventure Fitness Boot Camp, Total Fitness Makeover and 1-on-1 Personal Training Clients at HealthStyle Fitness).

"If you've always wanted to look great and get in shape...and have never been able to... This just might be the most important workshop you'll ever attend!"

The Foundational is also being presented at companies throughout Cincinnati. If you'd like to bring this revolutionary presentation into your firm, please contact Brian Calkins by calling 513-407-4665 or clicking the Email link below.

Or Click Here to Email A Question About Clearing Up the Myths, Sharing the Realities & Empowering You for Success!


"I've known Brian Calkins for several years and really enjoy his style of fitness training. He provides an excellent balance of fitness knowledge with a relaxed and enjoyable training atmosphere.

Brian pays careful attention to individual needs and fitness goals. Under his direction I'm motivated to push myself a little harder and am always surprised when our time is up! I'm impressed by the thoroughness and accessibility of Brian's recently completed book "Burn Body Fat the Right Way."

In selecting Brian as my fitness trainer, my husband and I have found an engaging and enthusiastic partner in fitness - we're having the time of our lives!"

Dr. Claudia E. Harsh, M.D. - Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine


"Because of Brian's program, I have more muscle, & look and feel better now at age 45 than I did at age 30...and I had done a lot of working out on my own back then.

Brian cares a lot about his clients and takes a personal interest in them. He gets a natural high with the improvements his clients make."

Michael Flannery - Cincinnati, OH


"I was so impressed with Brian’s knowledge of the benefits of exercise & I am thrilled with my progress. I feel that I have finally regained control over my fitness condition and I am absolutely delighted with Brian’s program and its impact on my health."

Dr. Patricia O’Reilly - University of Cincinnati