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Meal Replacement/Protein Shakes

Sometimes it is very difficult to get to a supportive meal. If you travel a lot or are in meetings all day, you know what I mean.

There is one manufacturer producing a line of shakes today that consistently receive the endorsement from dieticians and trainers from around the country.  A quality meal replacement formula specifically designed to meet the needs of exercisers, yet not available in retail outlets.

Why? Good question. In order to sell a Meal Replacement formula through conventional retail avenues, a complex chain of events makes it near impossible for a manufacturer to live up to product claims.

Firstly, Research and Development has costs. Once initial research and formulation costs are out of the way, in order to promote the product, an advertising campaign must be developed. Full page ads in some fitness magazines run upwards of $20,000 per issue! Since most products are being over-hyped, if the ads are going to "pull," the claims must be extreme.

Next comes the financial challenge of "what the market will bear." If the standard Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) is selling for $39.99 for a 20-pack in a retail setting, a distributor must sell to the retailer at under $19 per product. That means the retailer has to buy it from a wholesaler at somewhere near $8 per. The wholesaler has to buy from the manufacturer. When all is said and done, in order to recoup production and advertising costs, a whole lot of product must be sold. The manufacturer has to keep costs down in order to profit with all of those hands in the proverbial pie.

There are several ways to cut corners. Use lesser quality proteins. Use inexpensive grades of maltodextrin (the carb source in most MRPs). Add fillers and gums. Use only token amounts of nutrients so you can list them on the label although each serving contains a miniscule amount. Some MRPs use more sugars than the ads and labels lead you to believe is in there. Others use large amounts of thickening agents. Some skimp on mineral content. Others simply fail to meet label claims. Some lump in some potentially addictive "herbs" to create a sense of "energy."

Today Beverly International is widely considered as the best tasting (and there's no sugar!), most nutritionally valuable MRP's on the market. Well, sort of "on the market." Again, you won't find either sold in retail stores. In order to use the high quality of ingredients, Beverly sells direct to high level fitness professionals only. No wholesaler. No retailer. You'll never even see them advertised. It's all been strictly word of mouth. 

The Beverly International MRP cost $47.00 for 32 meal replacement shakes and is available @ HealthStyle Fitness, Inc.

If you would like more information on how to order either of the meal replacement formulas call Brian or Jennifer @ 513-407-4665, X-107 or click here to ask a question.